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With a single Click

In the past, producing a catalogue involved time-consuming planning of content with suppliers and partners. Nowadays, the opportunities that the Internet offers in terms of media production have significantly shortened production cycles. At the same time, the integration of all those involved in generating the content of a catalogue is becoming increasingly important.

For instance, when putting together a travel catalogue, the data from the selected hotels is entered directly via CMS, thereby avoiding multiple inputting and ensuring faster approval processes. Today, the choice of system can have an enormous influence over the quality of catalogue produced. A good system makes the planning, approval and realisation of your catalogue comparatively easy because everything is well-prepared from the outset.

All the data required for the catalogue is stored in a central system, which therefore gives you a good overview of the content that is already available in which version, and what information is still missing. The database system has the necessary print and layout functions as well as all the information that can be used as the basis for extensive rules for creating templates and layouts. Once all the templates have been set up, the content can be entered into the relevant templates and catalogue production can go ahead. All pages of your catalogue can now be generated automatically, almost with a single click of the mouse.
The finished product is a completely up-to-date print catalogue in terms of actuality and versioning. Parts of catalogues and new editions with amended content can also be produced quickly and cost-effectively as follow-up products.

Depending on the structure of the catalogue, levels of automation of up to 90% can be achieved while at the same time shortening production times.

The advantages of automatic catalogue production:

  • A database-supported workflow
  • Lean and shortened editing processes
  • Single entry of all data
  • Working with up-to-date data
  • Multiple use of the data
  • Page layouts conform to your corporate identity
  • Later print deadlines
  • Automatically developed price tables
  • Simple language management
  • Neutral data storage enables simple data exchange
  • Fast reaction to changes on the market

For many years now, DG Medien has been offering the tourist, pharmaceutical and automotive industries flexible, tried-and-tested solutions for automatic production of catalogues of upwards of 1000 pages.

If you too would like to approach the production of your next catalogue in a more relaxed manner, we look forward to receiving your call or contact via Internet.