Take advantage of the benefits of integrated media consultancy


DG Medien has many years' experience in the field of media production and generation and is well acquainted with the complex marketing processes and procedures found there. For this reason, all the consultancy we provide is based on a wealth of experience, extensive sector-specific know-how and knowledge of the operational organisation of SMEs and major corporations alike.


One of our maxims is: existing production processes and the optimisation thereof always determine the type of solution proposed, not the other way round! For this reason, our consultancy is also non-system- and solution-dependent. Our primary aim is to make your marketing processes efficient and represent your procedures and the on-site conditions as well as possible. The choice of solution and system is of secondary importance to us.

In the first stage of our work together, we analyse the status quo of your marketing processes so that we can jointly determine the potential for improvement. This analysis can easily be carried out within the framework of a workshop with all the parties involved in the marketing process.
The specific findings of this can be used to draw up the modus operandus, a rough concept and the costs of implementation. One important aspect of our work is giving you a realistic image of the actual and desired situations because this is the only way to increase the productivity of the marketing processes in a verifiable way.

Regular approval meetings, training courses and consultancy on the necessary fine-tuning ensure that implementation goes smoothly, all project members remain involved in the project beyond the start date and become opinion multipliers of their marketing process optimisation.


We also offer consultancy on media production to assist you in optimising your existing workflow processes, especially with regard to optimisation the quality and increasing efficiency. DG Medien has extensive consultancy know-how in the planning and implementation of closed colour management workflows, from profiling to the calibration of the output, which here too improves processes and ensures the highest quality standards.

At our customers' request, we also act as a production agency providing exclusive advice and support in selecting print production suppliers. We can also help you to build up your in-house production department or provide professional, resourceful assistance with special projects, e.g. advertising management.

If you too would like advice based on in-depth experience, we look forward to receiving your call or contact via Internet.