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Marketing Prozess Optimierung

Marketing process optimisation, or MPO for short, is primarily about organising communication and marketing processes in such a way that companies can reduce their internal and external marketing expenditure significantly.

One key term with regard to MPO is increasing efficiency. In most cases, making processes more efficient brings significant savings in terms of cost and time. The saved potentials freed up in this way can then be used for important strategic and value-adding marketing activities. Optimal fine-tuning and networking of production processes can also often increase the quality of internal and external communication, e.g. through timely use of current data. For you as a company this means a significantly shorter time to market and greater efficiency in running ongoing campaigns.

There are many advantages to marketing process optimisation, which also takes account of today's demands for modern labour and marketing communication.

  • Process standardisation
  • Improved marketing control
  • Consistent, up-to-date data and information
  • Company-wide CI conformity
  • Time- and location-independent working

Marketing process optimisation brings lots of added value for everyone involved: cooperation within the marketing supply chain is improved significantly.
This also enables sales partners and other parties involved in the relevant project to be integrated seamlessly into your project-related and corporate processes.

As a leading provider of marketing process optimisation, DG Medien can offer its customers solutions in the field of digital asset management, Web-to-print publishing and automatic catalogue production.

If you would like to discuss the possible efficiency reserves that you may have in the area of communication and marketing processes, we look forward to receiving your call or contact via Internet.